Center for Academic Community Engagement

Service learning, community engagement and community-based research extend beyond conventional concepts of student community service and volunteerism, instead emphasizing sharing and reciprocity, partnerships, and shared knowledge-making defined by mutual respect among partners.

Who is CACE?

Who is CACE?

You are! CACE connects academics with relevant community service opportunities to engage students in building meaningful relationships with our local, nonprofit community partners to effectuate social change.


CACE For Community

Service learning, community engagement and community-based research contribute to community well-being and simultaneously enrich student learning. Find out how our students can help your organization achieve its goals while harnessing the power of Penn State.


CACE for Faculty and Staff

CACE supports faculty and staff who involve their students and community partners in collaborative, impactful work.


Our History

Since its founding in 2010, the Center has facilitated over 40 academically-grounded university-community partnerships.